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Topic Areas Number of Sessions*
Accountability Systems for Students with Disabilities (including assessments linked to Common Core State Standards and/or college and career readiness standards, alternate assessments) 12
Administration/Supervision (including recruitment and retention of special education professionals) 39
Arts in Special Education 9
Assessment (including assessments for diagnosis, eligibility, and program planning) 43
Autism Spectrum Disorder/Intellectual Disability 102
Career Development/Transition 71
Collaboration and Inclusive Practices (including models for co-teaching and other methods for providing access to the general education curriculum and classroom) 123
Communicative Disabilities and Deafness 17
Cultural and/or Linguistic Diversity (including culture, language, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, families and/or educators with disabilities, issues related to English learners) 62
Early Childhood and Early Intervention 42
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 56
Gifted and Talented 11
International Programs/Services 8
Learning Disabilities (including instructional strategies for students “at risk” or with learning disabilities) 94
Measuring Special Education Teacher Effectiveness 23
Parent/Family–School Partnerships 45
Personnel Preparation 100
Physical/Health/Multiple Disabilities 11
Pioneers/Historical Perspectives 3
Public Policy (including IDEA and ESSA/NCLB) 28
Research                   124
Response to Intervention (RTI)/ Multitier Systems of Supports (including intervention strategies for students who need supplemental, preventative interventions and/or intervention to build key foundational skills and proficiencies or systemwide structures for providing support at different levels of intensity) 59
Starting the Teaching Career 9
STEM (including  instructional strategies for learning in science, math, and technical subjects) 29
Technology and Media (including Adaptive and Assistive Technology) 31
Visual Impairments and Deafblindness 17

*Including primary & secondary topics.