Browse Sessions 2018

Browse Sessions

CEC 2018 is the largest special education professional development event,
featuring over 600 sessions! All the sessions have been specially selected
ensuring that they are practical, evidence-based, and cover a range of topics.
This year, there are 26 topic areas, meaning there’s something for any and
every education professional!

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Topic Areas Number of Sessions*
Accountability Systems for Students with Disabilities (including assessments linked to Common Core State Standards and/or college and career readiness standards, alternate assessments) 12
Administration/Supervision (including recruitment and retention of special education professionals) 39
Arts in Special Education 9
Assessment (including assessments for diagnosis, eligibility, and program planning) 43
Autism Spectrum Disorder/Intellectual Disability 102
Career Development/Transition 71
Collaboration and Inclusive Practices (including models for co-teaching and other methods for providing access to the general education curriculum and classroom) 123
Communicative Disabilities and Deafness 17
Cultural and/or Linguistic Diversity (including culture, language, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, families and/or educators with disabilities, issues related to English learners) 62
Early Childhood and Early Intervention 42
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 56
Gifted and Talented 11
International Programs/Services 8
Learning Disabilities (including instructional strategies for students “at risk” or with learning disabilities) 94
Measuring Special Education Teacher Effectiveness 23
Parent/Family–School Partnerships 45
Personnel Preparation 100
Physical/Health/Multiple Disabilities 11
Pioneers/Historical Perspectives 3
Public Policy (including IDEA and ESSA/NCLB) 28
Research                   124
Response to Intervention (RTI)/ Multitier Systems of Supports (including intervention strategies for students who need supplemental, preventative interventions and/or intervention to build key foundational skills and proficiencies or systemwide structures for providing support at different levels of intensity) 59
Starting the Teaching Career 9
STEM (including  instructional strategies for learning in science, math, and technical subjects) 29
Technology and Media (including Adaptive and Assistive Technology) 31
Visual Impairments and Deafblindness 17

*Including primary & secondary topics.