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Making CEC 2015 More Affordable

We know that attending professional development events can be expensive – sometimes prohibitively so. Not to fear! We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can make attending CEC 2015 a reality for you. Register Now Sometimes, those who wait miss the best things. Register

Highlight: Lunch Express

Who’s Hungry? With all the professional development opportunities available at CEC 2015, you might be too busy for lunch. Don’t worry – we have you covered! Add Lunch Express tickets to your registration, and you won’t have to worry about your midday meal. On Thursday, Friday

Convention Workshops

What do you need most to support your students?  You’ll find it in a CEC 2015  Convention Workshop. Here’s just one of the  Convention Workshops you’ll find at CEC 2015: Seven Issues Administrators Must Understand about Special  Education Whether you’re an educator or an administrator,  CEC

Volunteer & $ave!

We know you love helping others – and saving money! CEC offers many volunteer opportunities at the convention that will help you save big. Volunteers receive the lowest registration rates for 2015! Sample volunteer duties include working at the Program Pick-up booth at registration, introducing

Program Chair Featured Sessions

Russell Gersten, CEC 2015 Convention Program Chair, has planned a rich and substative invited program. Join experts in the field of special education and related disciplines and participate in the dialogues on current and relevant topics. Here’s a sampling of what to expect: Assumptions About