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A strand is a group of sessions that has a common thread and offers a number of different ways to look at an issue or topic. Follow your passion for specific content by diving into all four of a Strand’s sessions, or dip your toe in with just a few. Create your own learning experience!

We’ve invited the top experts in the field to present content in depth and from a variety of perspectives in the following Strands:

  • RTI in Mathematics: Research-Based Innovations in Screening, Tier 2, and Tier 3
  • Preparing Individuals With Autism for the World of Adulthood
  • How Can We Make Intensive Intervention Happen? Considerations for Knowledge Development, Implementation, and Policy
  • Common Core: Connecting the Dots to Educational Planning
  • Using Research-Based Practices to Teach Academic Skills to Secondary Students With Disabilities
  • When PCS Means “Planning Consistent Services”: Children With Disabilities in Military Families
  • Educational Strategies and Interventions for High School Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practices and Support Systems for English Learners

Don’t forget to get the credit you deserve! You’ll be eligible to earn Professional Development Hours for each Strand session you attend and you can track your activities session by session with an easy online system — for no additional fee!

Pacific Ocean Pursuits

We’ve talked about San Diego beaches before, but beyond the sand is one of nature’s greatest features: the Pacific Ocean. Here are some of the coolest activities you can partake in while you’re on the world’s largest ocean.

Watch the whales

April marks the end of the gray whale migration to Baja – which means you’ll be in the right place at the right time to catch some great whale watching. Each year, over 20,000 gray whales make the journey to warmer waters, and San Diego is right on their route. Ready for a voyage? Check out Flagship Cruises & Events or Hornblower Cruises & Events for two of the area’s most popular tour operators.

Kick it in a kayak

Kayaking is a great water sport that visitors of all ages and experience levels can enjoy. The most popular place to launch is La Jolla Shores, but nearly all beaches offer the opportunity to set sail on the open ocean. Rent a kayak and set off yourself, or sign up for a guided tour. You can usually see lots of local wildlife, since dolphins, sea lions and seals make themselves at home nearby, and if you’re lucky, you can even see whales!

Submerge yourself in scuba

The California weather in San Diego means that the water’s always warm. Many local diving equipment manufacturers are located nearby, so you can get the best instruction. Already certified? Head to the La Jolla Underwater Park, which features two distinct diving sections. The Ecological Reserve is protected from fishing and many species make their homes there, including leopard sharks and dolphins. The Marine Life Refuge section hosts Scripps Pier and plays host to the research of the Scripps Department of Oceanography.

Cruise the Harbor

Technically, these cruises don’t head into the Pacific Ocean (they stay in the San Diego Bay), but close enough. San Diego Harbor Cruises, operated by Flagship Cruises & Events, offer plenty of options for a sail around the Bay. During the day, head out on narrated harbor tour, or wait for nightfall and set sail on a gourmet dinner cruise.

Sail away

If you’re looking to captain your own ship, check out Seaforth Boat Rental, the largest boat rental and charter company in San Diego. The list of watercraft you can rent is almost endless: powerboats, sailboats, fishing boats, paddle boats, pedal boats, wave runners…there’s something for everyone. The company also offers classes, as well as charters for sailing, yachts and fishing.

How do you like to spend your time on the water?



Ron Burgundy: San Diego’s Favorite Son

You’ve never heard of Ron Burgundy? That’s very surprising, because he’s “kind of a big deal.”

anchorman posterThe 2004 comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is often considered one of Will Ferrell’s best movies.  The film focuses on Ron Burgundy, San Diego’s leading news anchor in the 1970’s, as he and his news team are forced to diversify and welcome (gasp!) a woman onto the team.

The film even served as the inspiration for an exhibit at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. that closed in August.  “Anchorman: The Exhibit” featured props and costumes from the set, while telling the real story of the challenges women in the newsroom faced when becoming part of the male-dominated journalism field.

In addition to a museum exhibit, the movie has produced some of the most quotable one-liners of the last decade. Favorites include “I’m in a glass case of emotion!,” “Boy, that escalated quickly,” and Ron’s classic sign-off, “You stay classy, San Diego.”

We hope you’re ready to stay classy in San Diego, too!

Shopping in San Diego

Are you looking forward to engaging in some retail therapy while you’re in San Diego? Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, getting a new outfit or just window shopping, San Diego has something for everyone. Take advantage of the 72º average temperature and explore the shopping malls, outdoor shopping centers, outlets and specialty boutiques.

This post from the San Diego Tourism Authority features a listing of local merchants as well as some other great articles. Check it out:

What to do in San Diego: Shopping

Shopping downtown? Check out the Horton Plaza Mall!
Shopping downtown? Check out the Horton Plaza Mall!

When you’re on vacation, what do you bring home?

Haunted San Diego

BOO! Happy Halloween from CEC! In honor of the holiday, let’s take a look at some of San Diego’s paranormal highlights.

2014_10_30_1The Whaley House is a museum and California Historical Landmark dating back to 1857. It was once the home of Thomas Whaley and his family. The house was name “the most haunted house America” by LIFE magazine and even Whaley and his family themselves reportedly heard heavy footsteps in the house which they believed belonged to the ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson who had been hanged on the property. The house has been featured in many television shows including the Syfy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures, and the Bio Channel’s The Haunting of Regis Philbin.

1030 RRHThe Robinson-Rose House was the home of Judge James W. Robinson and his wife in the 1850s and is currently used as the Visitor Center for San Diego’s Old Town Historic Park. A fire destroyed much of the building in 1874 but the city built an exact replica of the original house using old records, historic maps, photographs and other sources. No one knows for sure who is haunting the place. Could it be Judge Robinson and his wife? Or could it be other entities tied to homes and businesses built on the site? Several different apparitions have appeared before park employees and tourists. Some are seen as cloud-like vapors while others look like people, dressed in 18th century attire. A clear apparition of a man dressed in an 18th century shirt and tie can be seen in one of the upstairs rooms, going about his business when the place is quiet and not open.

2014_10_30_3The Horton Grand Hotel is a restoration of two historic hotels, the Grand Horton and the Brooklyn Kahle Saddlery. The Grand Horton was a luxury hotel while the Brooklyn-Kahle Saddlery Hotel was a less formal hotel with a prominent saddle and harness shop. Guests of the original hotels included Benjamin Harrison, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Babe Ruth, and Wyatt Earp. There two reported ghosts haunting the hotel. One is Madam Ida Bailey, the one-time owner of the brothel that stood on the site. The other is Roger Whitaker, the man who haunts Room 309 and its hallway. He has made numerous appearances. One guest saw him in the hallway, and he looked so real, she asked him where the ice machine was located. Guests have been awakened in Room 309 in the middle of the night by the bed being shaken and the armoire’s doors being opened.

2014_10_30_4La Casa de Estudillo is a historic adobe house constructed in 1827 by José María Estudillo and his son, early settlers of San Diego, and is located in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. The house gained much prominence by association with Helen Hunt Jackson’s 1884 novel Ramona. The museum staff has seen human faces in mirrors hanging on the walls, when they were the only living souls in the room. An apparition wearing a brown monk’s robe has been seen in the long hallways, especially near the room which was used as a chapel. The entities in this mansion enjoy music! There was a report that the lid on a music box on display in one of the rooms lifted up all by itself and its music began to play. Apparitions have been seen dancing across the floor, perhaps revisiting good times.

Del Mar Turf Club. File Photo ©Benoit PhotoDel Mar Racetrack is a famous thoroughbred horse racing track built in 1937 and was frequented by many stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. It is not very clear who, or what, could be causing the strange occurrences employees have experienced there. The sounds of hoofbeats have been heard on the track at night, when the horses are safely stabled. Doors are known to close and lock on their own. Cold spots are felt on the grounds, even during balmy summer nights. In the Turf Club, the clatter of dinnerware can be made out. Voices are heard laughing and talking, though the building is practically empty. Cigar smoke has been smelled in the grandstand, though smoking is not permitted inside.

Interested in learning more about San Diego’s eerie past while at CEC 2015? Why not take a tour? The San Diego Ghost Tour holds nightly tours year round beginning at 9 p.m. Tickets are $19 for adults and $10 for kids ages 6–12.

What sorts of spooky things are you doing to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve tomorrow?