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CEC 2015 Program Sneak Peek

At CEC headquarters, we’re in full planning mode for San Diego! Our 2015 Convention & Expo Program Committee has developed an exciting program that includes a vast selection of Convention Workshops, Program Chair Featured Sessions, Strands, and Town Hall Meetings with so much more to come! Scroll down for a sneak peek of what we have in store for you.

Convention Workshops

  • Closing the Arithmetic-to-Algebra Gap for Students With Disabilities.
  • Friendship 101: Helping Students Build Social Competence.
  • Preparing Students With Disabilities to Succeed in College.
  • Seven Issues Administrators Must Understand About Special Education.


Program Chair Featured Sessions

  • Assumptions About Complex Text Within the Common Core: Consequences for Struggling Readers.
  • Inclusive Technologies as an Equalizer: Practical Strategies for Diverse Learners.
  • Multiple Identities: A Discussion of Youth With Disabilities Who Identify as LGBTQ.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Challenges and Outcomes From Two Randomized Evaluations of RTI in Preschool.


  • Common Core:  Connecting the Dots to Educational Planning.
  • How Can We Make Intensive Intervention Happen?  Considerations for Knowledge Development, Implementation, and Policy.
  • Preparing Individuals With Autism for the World of Adulthood.
  • When PCS Means “Planning Consistent Services”:  Children With Disabilities in Military Families.

Town Hall Meetings

  • What Did We Really Learn From the National RtI Evaluation?
  • Funding Special Education Research in Challenging Times.
  • Improving Outcomes for Students With Severe Learning and Behavior Problems: What Will it Take?
  • Special Education Teacher Evaluation: Perspectives From Researchers and Practitioners.

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  1. I am interested in what you’re planning to offer around gifted and talented education. I did not see anything listed under workshops or strands.