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Golden State’s Golden Globes

This Sunday, the Golden Globes will honor the best of the year in film and television (NBC, 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT). This week, we’re honoring some of our favorite movies and shows that have been set in San Diego.


Top Gun

The inspiration for thousands of people’s Halloween costumes, Top Gun is a favorite movie for many. We have it to thank for the popularity of Tom Cruise, aviator sunglasses, beach volleyball, and that Berlin song that we won’t name for fear of getting it stuck in your head.

The Game

A spin-off of the also popular series Girlfriends, The Game looks at the relationships of the wives, girlfriends and mothers of the players of the San Diego Sabers (which if you’re not NFL-savvy, is not a real team [this fact confirmed by Google]). The only show on our list that’s still airing, The Game returns January 14 at 10pm on BET.

Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck as the creatively-named title characters. A Nickelodeon staple from 2004-2007, the show focuses on the two stepbrothers’s wacky adventures through high school. A personal favorite episode? Drake buys Josh tickets to The Oprah Show for his birthday, and Josh promptly runs over Oprah with his car.

Bring It On

It’s a movie about cheerleaders, but don’t let that dissuade you. The routines are amazing, the one-liners are classic, and the Kirsten Dunst-Gabrielle Union rivalry is fierce. You may be compelled to use the phrase “these are not spirit fingers…THESE are spirit fingers” at least once a week for the rest of your life after you see this movie – consider this a fair warning.

Veronica Mars

Technically, the show is set in the fictional Southern California town of Neptune, but since scenes were filmed in San Diego and at several San Diego colleges we thought that counted. This cult classic stars the indomitable Kristen Bell as a teen detective (a cooler, less-coiffed Nancy Drew for the 21st century). The series, which ended in 2007, is still so popular that a Kickstarter for a movie raised over $2 million dollars in less than 10 hours in 2013.
Are there any other San Diego based shows or movies you would add to this list?

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