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Justification Letter

We’re here to help you get support from your principal or administrator to attend CEC 2021 in Baltimore. You can customize the following draft “justification letter” to make the case for your attendance.

Please visit the CEC 2021 Convention & Expo website for more information.

  • Emphasize impact. Attending CEC2021 will benefit you as an educator, the students you serve, your colleagues, and ultimately your school. Talk about the new ideas and strategies you will discover that are based on solid research and academia.
  • Highlight the savings. Your school or district can save money while investing in professional development for individual teachers or entire teams. BEST RATE savings are in effect through July 31, 2020. There are more savings for volunteers.
  • Stress the connection. Make sure you explain that your attendance will help you meet knowledge requirements of your school or state. You can earn up to 23 PDHs over four days (three days with possible six hours + one day with five hours).
  • You can direct your own learning and design the program that meets your specific needs—and enrich your colleagues’ knowledge as well.
  • Highlight the opportunity to learn firsthand from experts delivering the Optional Workshops presentation/materials. They are a great way to enhance your professional development at the convention―please note that additional fees are required. See the following page for a sample Justification Letter you can personalize and use.

Download Justification Example Letter PDF