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Ron Burgundy: San Diego’s Favorite Son

You’ve never heard of Ron Burgundy? That’s very surprising, because he’s “kind of a big deal.”

anchorman posterThe 2004 comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is often considered one of Will Ferrell’s best movies.  The film focuses on Ron Burgundy, San Diego’s leading news anchor in the 1970’s, as he and his news team are forced to diversify and welcome (gasp!) a woman onto the team.

The film even served as the inspiration for an exhibit at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. that closed in August.  “Anchorman: The Exhibit” featured props and costumes from the set, while telling the real story of the challenges women in the newsroom faced when becoming part of the male-dominated journalism field.

In addition to a museum exhibit, the movie has produced some of the most quotable one-liners of the last decade. Favorites include “I’m in a glass case of emotion!,” “Boy, that escalated quickly,” and Ron’s classic sign-off, “You stay classy, San Diego.”

We hope you’re ready to stay classy in San Diego, too!

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