Teacher2Teacher Sessions

Teacher2Teacher Sessions:
Sessions for teachers by teachers

Back by popular demand! Teacher2Teacher sessions were developed to address the desire by teachers to have opportunities to spend time with one another and share what works.

The sessions will be led by real teachers who will be sharing with you the real deal about the real strategies that really work in real classrooms with real students.

Leaders of the Teacher2Teacher sessions, will share practices and demonstrate developed tools that worked in their setting, including lesson plans, management plans, academic monitoring tools, intervention examples, and much more.

Here’s the lineup for the 2018 Teacher2Teacher Sessions!

Teacher2Teacher: Strengthen the Core: Effective Multi-Tiered Interventions

Teacher2Teacher: Virtualizing the Digital Word

Teacher2Teacher: ‘Speak Up! Student Run IEP Meetings’

Teacher2Teacher: Service Learning Projects:  To Do or Not To Do

Teacher2Teacher: The Googleverse and the Benefits for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Teacher2Teacher: Working With Education Assistants/Paraprofessionals

Teacher2Teacher: Burning Rubber Without Burning Out: Self-Care for Increased Productivity

Teacher2Teacher: Drama in the Preschool Classroom: Engaging Young Children in Learning

Teacher2Teacher: Creating Digital Writing Communities That Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

Teacher2Teacher: Scaffolded Reading Comprehension Activities That Motivate Even the Most Reluctant Struggling Readers

Teacher2Teacher: Hug Your Co-Teacher! (or Not): 15 Tips and Tricks for Building Professional Partnerships

Teacher2Teacher: iEngage: Supporting Students With EBD Through Embedding Technology Into Math Instruction

Teacher2Teacher: Nearpod: Engage and Differentiate for Learners of All Ages and Abilities

Teacher2Teacher: Remixing the Curriculum: The Teacher’s Guide to Technology in the Classroom

Teacher2Teacher: Beyond the Classroom: Systematic Transition Plan for Students With Significant Support Needs

Teacher2Teacher: From the Case Study to the Lesson Plan: Developing a Lesson Plan With Double Accommodations for a Twice Exceptional Student

Teacher2Teacher: The Benefits and Practical Application of Mindfulness in the Classroom

Teacher2Teacher: Creating Culturally Sustaining Dramatic Play Centers to Engage Early Childhood Learners and Their Families

Teacher2Teacher: Exploring the Virtual Learning Environment: Learning Intervention Without Boundaries for SEN

Teacher2Teacher: Project Au-Some: Building a Culture of Empathy and Acceptance

Teacher2Teacher: Using Data-Based Decision to Create Quality Goals and Objectives

Teacher2Teacher: Argue With Me

Teacher2Teacher: Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care

Teacher2Teacher: Increasing High School Students’ Engagement Through Goal Attentive Behavior: A Learning Seminar Program