Teacher2Teacher Sessions

Teacher2Teacher Sessions:
Sessions for teachers by teachers

Claudia Rinaldi
Chair of Education
Associate Professor of Education
Lasell College, Newton, MA

Cindy Perras
Educational Consultant
Learning Disabilities Association
of Ontario, Canada

As co-chairs of the CEC 2018 Convention & Expo, we’ve combined our areas of expertise in research and practice to develop a program that meets the needs of all educators! We know that aside from improving outcomes for your kids, teachers love nothing better than sharing with and learning from other teachers.

That’s why we’re delighted to invite you to submit a Teacher2Teacher proposal through CEC’s Call for Proposals that’s only for Teacher2Teacher session submissions for the CEC 2018 Convention & Expo, in Tampa, February 7-10.

What’s a Teacher2Teacher Session?

A Teacher2Teacher Session is your opportunity to help your fellow teachers by demonstrating tools you’ve developed that helped your kids succeed, including lesson plans, management plans, academic monitoring tools, intervention examples, and more.

Using evidence-supported practices, you’ll share with your colleagues the real deal as a real teacher who works in a real classroom about the real strategies that really work for real students.

Watch our video to learn more about the inspiration for Teacher2Teacher Sessions, what kinds of support and information your fellow teachers need in these sessions, and how you can be one of only 25 experts to engage with hundreds of fellow teachers in a Teacher2Teacher Session.

Learn more about the proposal process and requirements before you submit. Take a look at our Teacher2Teacher FAQs and examples from the 2017 Teacher2Teacher sessions.

Proposals are due by October 16, 2017. Submit today!

Submit your proposal today!