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Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the 2024 Convention & Expo is now open! This call will be open until June 5, 2023, and will be accepting submissions for: Research-to-Practice Deep Dive sessions; Concurrent sessions; Collaborative session presentations; Data Blitz presentations, and poster sessions.

A second Call will open in October for Teacher Slam presentation submissions and a second round of poster session submissions.

To get ready to submit a presentation:

1. Review the various session formats at the convention to see which best fit your content.
  • Accepted proposals will be slotted as one of these formats by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC), based on the content of the presentation and how it might complement, align or combine with others (i.e. a Collaborative Session) to create a dynamic education program for Convention attendees. Please carefully consider the content of your presentation and which presentation formats could work well to deliver the information. A limited number of slots for each session format will be available. The chances of having your proposal accepted increases substantially by selecting all of the available format options so that the PAC members have the option to incorporate your presentation into the program in a variety of ways.
2. Determine which submission form you'll use with the interactive tool below.
3. Review the submission guide for the appropriate form.
4. Review the presenter policies below. When submitting a proposal, you will be required to agree to all these policies before submitting.



How do I know which submission form to use?

Are you submitting a proposal for a Research to Practice Deep Dive?

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Webinar: What to Know to Submit a Proposal

Join the co-chairs of the Program Advisory committee (PAC) for this recorded webinar that will help prepare you to write a successful proposal.

View the recording


Questions about submitting a proposal? Contact

2024 Presenter Policies

  • Presenters may only submit two (2) submissions as a Single Presenter.
  • Presenters may also be listed as a presenter on up to two (2) Group Presentation submissions.
  • Presenters may also be listed as a presenter on one (1) Research-to-Practice Deep Dive submission.
  • Should any submitter be found noncompliant with this policy, all associated submissions will be disqualified.
  • All presenters for accepted proposals from the general Call for Proposals in Spring 2023 agree to register and pay for the convention by October 10, 2023.
  • Any presenter who fails to register by this date will have their information will be removed from all convention programming.
  • Registration for the in-person convention also includes registration for the virtual convention. If your presentation is scheduled only as a virtual session during the virtual convention, you will only be required to register and pay for the virtual convention component.
  • Presenters understand and agree that their proposal does not promote commercially available products, services, or programs. The venue for commercially available products is an Exhibitor Showcase Session. Please visit our Exhibitors & Sponsors page after June 30, 2023, for information on exhibitor showcase sessions.
  • Presenters understand and agree that professional program content (online, mobile app, or promotional material) may contain their session title and abstract as edited by CEC staff.
  • Presenters understand and agree that if a proposal is based on a dissertation, they have read and understand the expectations about presentations based on dissertation research (FAQs, item 5).
  • CEC will provide an LCD projector and screen for in-person sessions. In-person poster sessions will not have any AV equipment provided.
  • Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop or arrange to rent equipment.
  • Presenters of pre-recorded virtual sessions agree to provide caption files with the appropriate time stamps.

Important Dates for the 2024 Call for Proposals

May 1-May 31, 2023 Call for Reviewers
May 8-June 5, 2023

Call for Proposals open for:

  • Research-to-Practice Deep Dives
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Collaborative concurrent sessions
  • Data Blitz presentations
  • Poster sessions
June 12-August 4, 2023 Proposal review & selection
End of August 2023

Proposal submitters notified of decisions

  • Selections for collaborative concurrent sessions notified and invited to submit new proposal
October 3-October 17, 2023

Fall Call for Proposals open for:

  • Teacher Slam presentations
  • Poster sessions
October 17-November 6, 2023 Fall Call proposal review & selection
Mid-November 2023 Proposal submitters notified of decisions


Last Updated:  5 May, 2023

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