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Volunteer at CEC 2023

Become a Proposal Reviewer!

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is seeking reviewers to help select the education program for the CEC 2023 Convention and Expo. Would you like to gain experience with the peer-review process? Then consider being a reviewer! If selected, you will help evaluate the proposals of your peers and help shape a diverse and dynamic professional learning program for attendees of the 2023 Convention.

Become a Reviewer


Who can be a reviewer?

Any current CEC member can be a reviewer. To learn more about becoming a CEC member, click here. The 2023 Program Advisory Committee (PAC) and Program Chairs will decide the final pool of reviewers from this volunteer group, seeking to ensure a range of diverse expertise in different professional areas.

CEC would also like to encourage more teachers to serve as reviewers in an effort to expand the reviewer pool and ensure a range of expertise. If you're an educator working in Birth through Grade 12, please consider joining the reviewer pool.


What's Involved?

Volunteer to be a reviewer: During the reviewer nomination process potential reviewers indicate their areas of expertise from the division/topic areas of interest. If selected to be a reviewer, you will be assigned session proposals from the area(s) of expertise you noted in your application.

The proposal review process: CEC facilitates a blind review process; session proposers' identities are unknown to reviewers when evaluating a submission to encourage a content-first selection process.

All proposals submitted for consideration are assigned to be evaluated by 2-3 independent reviewers.  In general, the estimated time commitment for volunteer reviewers is between 5-10 hours total throughout the month of June. 

Submissions are evaluated on the following criteria:
1.    Rationale for the presentation
2.    Consideration of content
3.    Relevance to attendee audiences of CEC's Annual Convention.
4.    Evidence of the Effectiveness of the Practice or Content to be Presented
5.    Participant Outcomes

Important Dates

The deadline to apply to be a reviewer is May 18, 2022. If you are selected, the review cycle is June 1 – June 30. All reviews must be completed by June 30.

We hope you will consider applying to be a reviewer for the CEC 2023 convention to ensure CEC continues to provide the highest quality of professional development. Use this form to confirm your participation no later than May 18, 2022.

Become a Reviewer

If you have any questions, please contact the CEC convention team at

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