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2024 Session Formats

Whatever you're looking for in your learning, CEC 2024 will have it. Learn more about the different session formats below.

Concurrent Session

60 minutes of content that may be structured as a presentation with Q&A, a panel presentation, or an interactive presentation engaging participants in a specific activity.

Data Blitz

60 minute sessions comprised of are a series of short presentations in a 5-minute, rapid-fire format; each session may be comprised of up to 10 presentations in succession on research topics spanning the field. Please note: Data Blitz sessions will not be presented in a virtual format.

Collaborative Session

60 minute sessions bringing together presentations on related or similar topics. Presenters are paired by the Program Advisory Committee and asked to create a single one-hour session.

Poster Session

An opportunity to share research projects and results, poster sessions are a visual presentation with an opportunity for attendees to ask follow-up questions of the presenter. Presenters prepare a poster exhibit of high quality that can stand alone in conveying information and address questions from attendees. Please note: Poster sessions will not be presented in a virtual format.

Research-to-Practice Deep Dives

A 90 minute interactive learning experience. Half of the session will focus on presentation of research and resulting implementable strategies, and the other half of the session will bring together facilitators and fellow attendees for experiential learning opportunities focused on enacting the research. Please note: Deep Dives will not be presented in a virtual format.

Teacher Slam

A 60 minute, fast-paced, dynamic session with up to 7 speakers; each presenter is working in the classroom and has 8-minutes to cover 8 slides on a single topic.

Convention Workshop

A half- or full-day deep dive into a particular topic, strategy, or idea. Please note: Convention workshops each require an additional registration fee and are not included in general registration.


Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
900 E Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205


March 13, 2024 - March 16, 2024
Last Updated:  24 August, 2023

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