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You've landed at the what? Here are some suggestions for getting to downtown San Antonio.

A photo of a San Antonio VIA transit bus

Taxi cabs are available at the outer commercial curbside at Terminal A. For assistance, please see the Airport Ground Transportation employee (wearing red shirt). Fares to San Antonio downtown areas start at $24 – $29 (U.S.) per taxi cab. (Up to 6 may share a cab, if both luggage and passengers fit safely.)

Tips for Taxi Use: If paying by credit card, verify the taxi can accept this form of payment before entering the vehicle.  

Rental Cars

If you choose to rent a car in San Antonio, our rental car center makes it easy once you’ve arrived at San Antonio International Airport. Car rental counters are located in the lobby of our Consolidated Car Rental Facility. Take the elevator or escalator to the Mezzanine Level in Terminal B and cross the Sky Bridge.


Uber and Lyft connect riders in San Antonio with drivers via their mobile apps, which you can download for free today. For San Antonio International Airport: Approved rideshare services (Uber, Lyft) will meet customers on the outer commercial curbside, lower level of Terminal A. 

VIA Metropolitan Transit

A fast and affordable way to navigate the city, VIA Metropolitan Transit provides offers service throughout the city. Get Downtown from the Airport:

  • Go to the Lower Roadway (Arrivals/Baggage Level in Terminal A and B), across the marked crosswalk to the outer curb.
  • VIA’s bus stop will be located on the far West end of Terminal B, clearly marked on the column.
  • You will board the VIA bus route 5, which operates every day, and can get to downtown San Antonio in about 30 minutes for only $1.30
  • Learn more at
Last Updated:  25 August, 2023

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