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Beyond Silos: Creating a Culture of Collaboration to Empower Educators and Students

In-person Event

Opening Keynote

Imagine a school where every educator feels empowered to contribute and silos are a thing of the past. By dismantling barriers between special education, general education, and administration, we can create collaborative teams that make every educator and student feel valued, empowered, and essential. Discover how to foster a culture of collaboration, celebrate successes, and ensure each educator’s role is clearly defined, valued, and impactful.


Casey Watts

Team Alignment Strategies
Casey Watts Coaching & Consulting, LLC
East Texas
Baltimore Convention Center
March 12, 2025
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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About the Speaker

Casey Watts

Casey Watts is the founder of Casey Watts Coaching & Consulting, LLC, and serves as a Team Alignment Strategies and school-based instructional specialist in East Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Elementary Education and a Master's Degree of Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Leaning into her 20 years of experience as an educator in multiple capacities, Casey works with groups, individuals, and organizations to create team environments that leave people feeling empowered, inspired, and essential.  Her research and work have centered on effective collaboration that fosters collective efficacy, emphasizing the essential components for creating cohesive, vision-driven teams, even amid learning gaps, resistance, and roadblocks.

Casey is known for her visionary approach, strategic thinking, and conversational skills, with a talent for asking insightful questions and developing innovative solutions. She spends a great deal of time connecting with other field experts and thought leaders to learn from a variety of perspectives.  On her podcast, The Catching Up with Casey Show, she and her guests talk about anything and everything that has to do with building cohesive, vision-driven teams.

Outside of her professional life, Casey is a wife and mother of three who enjoys spending time on her front porch, socializing with friends over coffee, and undertaking home renovation projects with her family.  She is known to break into dance and song at any moment, keeping things fresh, fun, and unique!

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